Debbie has been cleaning for me for 15 years.  She has not missed a single day in all that time.  My house is always sparkling clean when she leaves. She is thorough, and pays attention to every detail. She is honest, dependable, and very pleasant!  We have become friends over the years and I look forward to seeing her every other week.  Her staff are great workers who are honest and trustworthy.  I highly recommend Debbie's Professional Upkeep!

Julie Cramer
Cary, NC

      On behalf of my entire staff, we would like to thank you for the excellent work you have provided my clients. Sometimes coming in at the end can be a thankless part of the process, but your thoroughness and desire to go the etra mile has earned that thanks and praise. You have definitely proven that you have the capability, and, as your company's name conveys, the professionalism to get the job done right and on several occasions, outstanding results! We will absolutely contine to call you to take care of all of our cleaning needs.

Micheal A. Sallani 
Owner, Restoration & Disaster Cleanup

     Debbie and her crew at Debbie's Professional Upkeep have been cleaning my house for nearly 15 years.  For all of those 15 years she has cleaned consistently and conscientiously, which is why she can call her business "professional", in my opinion.  In the early years she had a small crew, and now that has grown to five helpers, many of whom have been with her for a long time.  They take the approach of a SWAT team-- mostly going room by room and finishing in a reasonable amount of time.  The result is great, and I have told Debbie many times that the day she cleans my house is the best day of the week!

     Here are the qualities that I most admire about Debbie and her crew:  They are reliable-- I have never, ever worried that they would not come on the day scheduled.  They are honest-- I have no concerns about having the crew come in and out, even when I am not there.  They do the job that needs to be done -- my cleaning needs have varied over the years, and they know the best way to clean any mess we can make. They are flexible and also available for extra cleaning from time to time.  Debbie loves her work (thank goodness, because I do not love to clean my house!) and she cares for her crew.  Most of all, she cares for her clients and their homes.  I consider her a friend and a valuable partner in the maintenance of my household.  I recommend Debbie's Professional Upkeep for cleaning your home and encourage you contact her for an estimate of what it will take to get the job done for you.

Hope Brown
Cary, NC 

     We have used Debbie’s Professional Upkeep for over 12 years and recommended her to anyone, whether residential or business.  Consistency is a word that comes to mind when I think of her and her team.  Debbie and her staff are all about the details and nothing is ever overlooked.  They are on time, efficient, economical, organized, friendly, and extremely obliging to our schedules. They are very "customer focused".  I wish everyone took as much pride in their work, as the staff of Debbie’s Professional Upkeep, we cannot thank them enough.

Tim and Diana 

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